I know... Blasphemy.

The original WTF arose as a bit of a counterpoint to WBNY, my hopes were to inject a steady stream of local artists into the playlists as opposed to robot out some "college radio" streaming playlist. ALL THAT AIRTIME!!! WITH A NEW ANTENNAE!!! and WBNY only dedicates four hours a week to local music. Which is a shame, because since i started receiving and collecting music from artists around Buffalo I realized that there is more than enough diversity and talent to fill an entire station with just local music. So what wethefreeradio is begging to become is what I would do with WBNY if I ever got my hands on it, fill the playlists with a history of Buffalo music so that students and listeners can hear the voices and musicians who came before them and interpreted Buffalo from thier own point of view, and then let the DJ's and MC's and Citizens fill the rest.


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